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                                  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  

1. Why should I choose you?!



When you post a wedding film made by me, all your facebook friends will tell you "OMG THIS IS THE BEST WEDDING VIDEO EVER." And you will be fucking awesome. If you do not wish to be fucking awesome, then by all means go hire someone else. Your video might turn out good, maybe even great! But it won't be contending for top 1 wedding video ever.

Oh, and did I mention I'm a good luck charm with a 100% success rate? For starters, my rain dance skills have saved over 12 weddings from inclement weather. Secondly, the vast majority of my couples go on to have BEAUTIFUL children shortly after receiving their wedding video. Sure that other studio's package might be 5% cheaper, but if you go with them you'll get rain and an ugly kid. Is that really worth saving a few bucks?

...Though in all seriousness, I'm actually a very humble person. However, I'm also extremely confident in my abilities as a cinematographer and storyteller. I come from a music video background, so I'm constantly trying to push the boundaries of what wedding films can be when they're combined with high-end cinematography. Though my films look like something out of a Disney movie, I maintain a fly-on-the-wall style in order to capture things naturally. 

Besides that, I'm a real human being with real emotions and a real heart! I'm documenting the most important day of your life, and I want to have a personal connection with my clients. I'm easily accessible via text or social media. On the big day of: I'll occasionally be hilarious, and also be your biggest cheerleader during the stressful moments. All your friends, family, and cute dogs will love me too. 


2. I'm not sure if I want a video. Is it even worth it?! 

Let's play a game!! Find me ONE bride that spent good money on an amazing wedding film, then said "Damn I wish I spent less money" or "My wedding film is beautiful but honestly I should have had Uncle Bob do it". If you find one instance of this ever happening - I will film your wedding free of charge, or write you a $5,000 check to be used towards the cinematographer of your choice. May the odds be ever in your favor ;) 

Seriously you've spent a tremendous amount of time and money into making this day, why skip out on the best way to document it? Its the first and last time everyone you love is in the same room. You can make back your budget, you can't make a video appear in 10 years. As those we love grow older and less healthy, the value of having great footage and audio of them is worth triple whatever you initially paid...actually, it's priceless. Oh, and think about future generations... COME ON, DO IT FOR THE KIDS!!

The funny speech from your drunken best man, those sweet first-dance moves you spent months practicing, the laughter and tears from your parents, the jokes you crack during bride/groom prep, the crystal clear audio from your vows...all of those things will be lost forever if you don't get video :'( 


3. How long does the post-production process take? 

I always work as quickly as possible!! You won't be waiting a year or two for your films don't worry! Sorting, coloring, and editing footage takes a tremendously long time - but I deliver most films in 8-12 weeks, depending on choice of package, documentary edits can take slightly longer. 

4.  I'm kinda awkward and shy idk if I really wanna be posed and stuff!

Hey don't worry, I'm kinda awkward too! I do my best to make people comfortable and to have fun when we work together. While I occasionally do a handful of poses, I don't try to stage much and instead give you fun prompts to get things going.


5. Do you travel?

Aside from wedding cinematography, I work in the music industry, creating tour documentaries for bands. I have friends in every city/state, and travel as much as possible. Traveling for weddings allows me to keep that same lifestyle while still being creative and working in the film industry. 

Whether your Wedding is in America, Europe, or on Mars...I'll be there! I've been everywhere in America plus 4 continents. I LOVE being on the road.

I DO NOT charge travel fees other than what it takes to get me there, which in this day and age often isnt much at all!


6. Do you offer discounts? 

I get it, everyone wants a good deal and to come out on top, especially with how tight budgets are these days! But..below is a photo of my cat. He's really, really fat and requires a lot of special medicated food. If I gave everyone that asked a discount, I would no longer be able to feed him and then he would get really sad and starve to death. Asking for discounts means you hate cute and cuddly cats and want to see him suffer miserably  :( 










***UPDATE: I'VE NOW ADOPTED A SECOND KITTEN. HIS NAME IS THOR AND HE ONLY HAS ONE EYE! Please contribute to this beautiful kitten's well being by booking me for your wedding, thanks.



















Furthermore, I only take on 25 weddings per year. I get inquiries from all around the world for all dates, even for Sundays and Winters - so there's no off-season for me. Thus I generally keep pricing consistent and fair for all my couples :)


I've made a handful of exceptions for disabled veterans, distraught brides who's venue suddenly went out of business, etc... But asking me to discount because you spent too much on diamond encrusted napkins or on a certain vendor just makes me feel sad and not as important as those things. I'm an artist, we're sensitive creatures that want to feel loved and appreciated!!! 

7. Does 8 hours of coverage mean 8 hours of video footage? 

Unless you want me filming you scarfing down that steak or applying deodorant in slow-motion, no there is not 8 hours of footage. That would be nuts and no person in the world offers that! On your average wedding day I get anywhere from 3-4 hours of footage ..completely depends on the length of your ceremony, reception formalities, etc. 

8. "I'm going to go with another videographer that has shot at my venue before"

Why tho????? I'll be totally honest - having shot at a venue before means absolutely nothing and should be neither  a pro nor a con. I've handled every style of venue and  every type of lighting scenario imaginable. Having worked at a venue before doesn't bring anything to the table. In fact, sometimes I even prefer working at new venues because it makes me even more creative than usual!

9. "I'm going to go with a videographer whose work I don't love as much but they're slightly cheaper!"

No problem, I wish you the best <3 Also my editing fee for fixing other peoples' footage starts at $300/hr



Contact me! Tell me your name, a bit about you/your wedding, and the date. If I'm available we will have a brief skype video conference, I send over some paperwork, and rock n roll!  

A $800 retainer is required to book your date. Bookings are done on a first come first serve basis. I can't promise you I'll be available for your date tomorrow, so run to my contact page right now :)

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